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Make a Law for Jamey.

She’s asking for the impossible. The ability to make bullying illegal is actually impossible without infringing upon the first amendment, that’s why racism or homophobia aren’t outlawed, because they can’t be and never will be. She should focus her attention to the more relief side of bullying, helping people out who are bullied or have been and helping stop bullying at its root cause. 

This is my message for the naysayers, the doubters and those who believe she’s once again using a cause for publicity, you’re stupid. Throughout her career she has used philanthropy to generate money for causes such as homeless shelters, bullying foundations and anti-homophobia societies. For instance, during The Fame Ball Tour, she would auction off meets and greets and all money raised went to homeless shelters. Additionally, during The Monster Ball Tour she struck a deal with Virgin and each show in the US they would donate something like $10,000 to shelters where teenagers were living because their families had abandoned them due to their sexuality, without that money a lot of the shelters would have shut down and have thanked Gaga and Virgin continuously for their work. This is only a small portion to what we know she’s done for countless other causes, she’s certainly done more than celebrities and that’s fact. She said herself that when someone is given revolution potential, like famous people, that they should use it for the good of the human race and she’s doing that. The fact you have people sat here ranting and rolling their eyes at her actually trying to do good in the world says more about you than it does her. 

I hope that whatever she eventually begins to work on can be used to help people suffering from bullies and who believe suicide is the only option out. 

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